Why buying specialized machines are more productive than buying one machine for all

This is the question all packing industries have faced and deal with today I am going to answer why this not possible with an elaborate example lets start.

We want to pack 5gram of powder in a 125 width so naturally we will start with a small machine with small sealers and small chute and a hopper of 50kgs which an optimal Capacity for the production need for 10,000 pouches per day this also with include a disc for filling 5 grams you need bore of 5grams which will and drop in the chute and then will be sealed. This machine will be perfect for a packing small pouch of 5 grams with a high speed of about 30 to 50 pouches this is a specialized for packing 5grams for the paper width of 125mm

This is all good but the problems creep up when the customer expects the machine to do 5 grams 100grams and 250grams in the same machine it is not possible and if some is trying to sell you that then it only comes with loss of production, time and a lot of wastage and these machines will never qualify the safety standards.

Just to explain you how this is not possible let me continue with the same example where a person needs to produce 10,000 pouches daily of 50grams 

Now to do that, if you have a small hopper then you end up refilling again and again so you will have to increase your hopper size so now you can add more product but with this add weight of the product and the hopper the body will became too small for the task so now you have to increase the body size also for safety reasons

I hope you can see the trend now to pack 5 grams you have 125mm width but the same cannot be taken for 50 grams of pouch 200mm open film width so to fit that you need a bigger chute with this even the length of the pouch increases and when the length increases the sealer should be replaced with a bigger one for it to seal bigger pouches even the filling system will be changed cup size will increase so the bore will increase the dis will became big.

So at this point our small machines has taken a big jump in size and shape just to pack 50 grams this fundamental changes in a machines goes deep in our motors, drives and more electrical parts you can escape the simple laws physics and gravity you can some home make it run for a while to shoot a video to sell but the fact is you can pack everything is one machine is not possible and to wish the machine to run smooth and fast just imagine your car was to be a bus also at the same time as being a car it cant happen sure you can stuff 20 people in the car but that is temporary and not for long term many things are important when you buy a machine and the main thing is time.

If you are wasting time then you will reach late to the market and you should know what it means to be late to the market and if you are stalled due to faulty equipment then there is no going back.

This is the reason why many businesses do not make it because they never invest in specialization but only in “Jugaad” machines which pack all powder granule pieces and liquid too

So, to sum up invest in good machines for what you want to pack and always focus on specialization buy machines which are made to pack your product with great quality and efficiency.







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