E.C Machines India and its fine products take great pride in creating a workplace environment that is focused on the well-being and careers of our most important asset, our employees, as well as being inviting and friendly to all visitors. Our extensive product line is designed and manufactured using the finest raw materials and components available, with ease of operator use and safety always in mind. Following all applicable laws, standards, and guidelines, we strive to improve our performance by pushing the boundaries of industry standards with the ultimate goal of surpassing our own established levels of excellence in the field of packing machinery.


Our Solutions

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Chemical Industry

Safe packing solutions for Industrial corrosive and volatile chemicals

Food and Beverage

The best quality packing for Food and Beverage Industry


The best quality machine with high hygiene packing

Metal Industry

Strong machines to handle all kind of hardware packing


Best quality machines for minute product


Quality packing for all organic and green products

Cosmetic Industry

Aesthetically pleasing packing like the products want to be


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