Why Food Packing and Packaging require you to know some basics of Weight Variation and how simple change in the air can affect your productions

Let us first take a product as an example, let’s take chips which is about 1 to 1.5 gram in weight.

Weigh filler works on simple rule fill the bucket till it is full or to be more formal about it if the weight in the bucket matches with the weighs fixed on it will open and drop it that’s how simple it is.

But the problem with weight comes when customer think if it is 100 grams, I want 100 grams only

Now I am going to explain what is weight variation let us take the chips mentioned above

If we drop 100 chips which are 1 gram, we get 100 grams in the bag but that is a perfect world.

Here we have some with 1 gram and some with 1.5 grams

Now let us drop again but this time 98 chips drop which makes it 98 grams it’s still not 100 grams so the machines move one more chip drop but this time its 1.5 grams so the total weight is 99.5 grams now the catch is the machines still move because its still not 100 grams but now the 100th chip dropping is 1.5 again making the total 101 grams more that the target weight that’s how weight variation shows up in the pouches its can be counter by maintaining product standards

This example was more or less a perfect world too because in reality weight can range from 0.8 grams to 1.5 grams that’s a lot variable weight and an N number of possibilities.

Next major problem is with powder and the horrid air

Normally the powders product run smooth in machines which are designed for them but some times its hard to know how a product will react to the environment

One of the main problems with powders are that they take in moisture from the environment now some take in quite less which does not affect flow but some others take a lot which reduces the flow ultimately causing the Flow to Drop and the pouch start to show weight variation.

Know you must be thinking what can be done in a situation like this, Lucky We at EC Machines India have Solution for you Cool Down Decreasing the Temperature of the surrounding environment

But how do you do that Already the globe is heating up so how do you cool down Simple Cause we make Packing simple for you Two things, First a room with an AC second a Dehumidifier

The AC keeps the temperature low which reduces the Chance for the moisture to seep in and make the powder sticky

But for perfect results that is not enough here the Dehumidifier comes in it is used to Remove the moisture from the Air Reduce the humidity Level of the Room here you have successfully made a change in the environment and enhanced your production to an optimal Level.







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