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EC Machines India is Manufacturing machines for the past 15 years with our enormous experience we are proud to say we do all Food pouch packing job work here in Bengaluru Karnataka. 
We have great Machines and experienced Operators in the business with a track record of on time every time delivery of our consignments.
We have diverse product packing ranges from solids like grains and granules, powders free flow and non-Free flow, liquid, and semi-liquid.
To have a deeper understanding of all the Food Products we pack.
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Most frequent questions and answers

To put it in simple words we have been in this business for more than 15 years with this vast experience not only in building but with knowledge of product and market we provide genuine suggestion and recommendation which are best suited for your production capacity and packing needs so that you not only increase production of finish goods but also grow as a business and maintain quality standards.

When people ask us this question, we just have only one thought really? We at EC Machines India have fair prices as to what we offer in the market we use superior quality materials and electrical parts which have long life now it true as fact that anything good will ever be cheap and if you get the maybe unknowingly you have sacrificed something

What happens in this is what is the other person really selling?

 it could come to many things, does that person has a set up or he just a freelancer who is taking the machine from someone else and selling it to you with the intention to never meet you again and not pick your calls.

 What is the body made of is it a cheap metal like MS or its STAINLESS STEEL you can google the difference in price of the could be the small things which matter in the long run is the metal coated with powder coating or is it nickel plated what type of PLC is used how my input output for later expansion of features? what is the size of the screen is it 4inch, 7inch or 8inch does it even have a touch screen?

 Which motors are used which sensors? does it have safety measure built in or at least safety stickers for the operator. how is the program is it easy to use and understand?

If you only care about the price and nothing other than that its only your loss because the machine you buy for cheap and low cost will not run half of the time and will cost you the same in maintenance which you could have avoided if have asked the right question.

We built our machines with high quality Stainless steel. our bodies are strong and have weight to it as an industrial product should have. We use high nickel coating on our swing plates for a greater aesthetic look all our formers are made with hand work giving your film a great shape which help to maintain a consistent shape and size of your pouches.

We have precision built sealers which give you a fine sealing and includes batch cutting which is done not mechanically but through the program built in the PLC.

Let’s talk about the feature which are all built in the software

  1. We have production count on the display with all manual control for quick check up and trouble shooting
  2. We provide three temperature controller which are connect through software to be all the time sync with the each other it also come with reset instruction and resync and if there is a change in the temperature there is a buzz which alarms you about it so your do not waste your film with bad sealing
  3. You can automatically adjust your weight and your length of the pouch through the HMI with a few simple clicks
  4. We have indicator for the machine to stop when you run out of paper.
  5. We have indicator the for emergency stop in the HMI starts to flash red color
  6. We have safety and instruction stickers placed all around the machine for the safety of the operator and how to use.
  7. One touch to start and stop the machine
  8. We also provide coding machine as an optional
  9. We provide best in class motors and also give VFDs with them to control speed to increase or decrease It so that you’re not restricted in the process of production
  10. With our Auger Machines we provide best in class servo motor and drive with which you can control how much powder you want to fill in the pouch
  11. We have instant powder cut if there is a fluctuation in volt which if not take in consideration will damage all the electrical parts.
  12. Low maintenance of all the moving parts easy to dismantle and clean the machine.
  13. All our contact parts are made of stainless which makes it safe to pack and hygienic  
  14. Our machines are compact and space efficient for work having a very formal aesthetic to them has an industrial product should be.

Every machine has limitation not because we want to sell more machines its just how machines work now if your you want to pack 1gm to 1kg its difficult to do such things for machines because machines are designed for specific reasons for example if you look at weighing machines there is a range for that also so to weight anything in mg you need to take a very sensitive weighing machine to weigh that range of product in that machine you can’t weight 5kgs its impossible if you try you will break it

Same thing applies to for the machine which is meant for weighting 5kgs it is impossible to weigh mg in those with this example your dreams for an all-in-one machine will be squashed but you are aware now of the challenges for perfect works its always advised to buy a specialized machine. the weight ranges are 1gm to 5gm, 5gm to 30gm, 30gm to 1kg in some machines and only for specific products. Such has auger filler is meant for powders weigh filler is granules paste filler is for paste and liquid filler is for liquid this is only experience at the end of the day all depends on your product.

Our employees have been working with us for more than 10 years and still counting have an enormous experience in servicing our machines if you ask us about service, we will always say you will not need it but if you do, we can do it. We know our machines throughout from nut to bolt so If it an emergency a video call also could solve the problem normally only a one things can be a reason for a service the weight variation which sometimes needs attention so to make sure your product is compatible with the machine we always advise our customers to give us sample product we will run the machine in front of you so that customer satisfaction is achieved. We make sure to never send a machine unless we are as a company satisfied with the product, we seller to our customers like a motto we make packing simple so that you buy a machine and run machines with easy and no worries.

It is not possible to pack everything in one machines every machine has its limits it is constrained but its size shape and features for example if a machine is made to pack maximum 5 grams you need to have 100kg hopper for an effective filling with a small body but to pack 1kg pouch in the same with a 100kg hopper will not work so now you have to make new hopper which will hold at least 500kgs but now have another problem the machine body is small and cant take the 500kg weight so this how your machine becomes big with large quantity of production you need a bigger machine

This is one of the reasons why you cant get a machine to pack 5gms and 5kgs in one machine and if some is selling you this dream you are probably unaware or you are sacrificing your safety and time because these machines are not made for production

It is very common question the difference between trading and manufacturing is evident here when a freelancer sells you a machine is not taking any risk at all in the sense that he is not investing even a bit to sell you the machines. He takes advance from you and takes the machine on credit from the manufacture picks the machine up and sends it to the customer after which the customer pays him the money which in turn he transfers to the manufacturer

But here is the catch the freelancer acquires the machine at a dealer’s rate and then sells you at a margin lower the only reason he can sell so low is because he not obliged to pay any cost bearing expenses which a manufacture has to pay if he has a set up

Like for example a freelancer we will sit at home and sell a machine over call which will not cost a bit whereas a manufacture has to pay salaries rent and to his vendor just to run the business and stay afloat and you might say why do we customers care about it?

To be frank that is right but freelances not all but a few do not give service or will not receive your call after they have sold you the machine and sad part is that they don’t have a setup so you can really go to their factory and ask for justification.